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 Neu: Swing Optima

The Saddle Innovation 2008

The result of a three years development work is the Swing Optima.
the classic saddle with a built-in shock absorption and optimal weight distribution.
Instead of a conventional, rigid tree, the Optima has a multi-moving construction (patent pending) made of GFK, with a central joint.

This "tree" consists of six parts.
The heart are the lateral damping arms, to fit the maximum size requirements horseback automatically, the full weight of a rider and distribute any pressure peaks dampen perfectly. Therefore the Swing Optima immediately fits to 90 percent of all horses.
In a surprising short time with the Swing Optima ridden horses, are developing conspicuous
shoulder muscles. They move clearly dissolved and the back swings completely free.

An additional change of the chamber distance and the individual adaptation to the stronger muscle situation is possible at anytime and can be made with corresponding setscrews from every owner by itself.

the special features include the adjustment of the seat adjustable to the individual dimensions of the owner, a sophisticated management of the stirrup strap - either above and below the saddle leaf - and a adjustable 3-point girth rigging enables to adapt to all seasonal and feed
conditions of the horse.

The Swing Optima is available in dark brown, black and naturally tanned leather. After a while it takes on a unique tone that becomes more beautiful over the months as the patina increases.

The picture shows the unique Optima tree. The lateral recession arms rest on the very big bearing surfaces
Swing Optima dressage style
Very big, mobile bearing surfaces. To spread the riders weight on the horse back perfectly
The width of the saddle tree can be adjusted easily with a simple, regular tool (Inbus).

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