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Zack - der Zügelsensor (Logo)

Zack the Rein Sensor - the best invention, since reins are in use!

Zack SensorenFasten the rein sensors on the right and on the left between the bit ring and rein.
Put a sensor stripe of your choice in the two snap rings for the test and training of a fine rein leadership.

Make sure that reins and the chains of the Zack-system do not twist themselves! Otherwise the chain would absorb the traction instead of the sensor stripe - the sensor stripe would not break.

How fine are your Hands?

With ZACK you test your rein force and train your hands to become finer and softer.
Just put the ZACK sensor system between rein and bit.
The sensors break at a force of 15, 10, 7, 4 or 2 kilos.

Best you Start with the 15 kilo sensor.
Increase by degrees until no more sensor stripe breaks.
Then you are an expert. The sensitive mouth of your horse will thank you..

The tearing resistance of the chain is approx. 500 Newton. It serves the safety of the rein connection if the sensor stripe breaks.
Nevertheless never use the Zack system in the free area!
The manufacturer does not assume liability for improper use or damages in any way.

The ZACK-basic kit contains two chains and two per kind of sensor stripes black, red, blue, yellow and green.
Price: 21,90 €.

Zack Ersatzstreifen ZACK-Replacement sensors are available separate. Sorted by colour, 8 pieces per package

Price per package: 4,85 €.



How to order:

ZACK-Basic Kit and ZACK-Replacement Sensors you can get at well sorted horse-riding one-line shops or by ordering directly online.

Inquiries from specialist dealers are desired


Never use the ZACK system in the free area.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for improper use or damages of any type.

Copyright 2014
Peter Graßl