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Harmony of Movement Between Horse and Rider 

The secret of the Swing is founded firstly on its perfect fit. Secondly, in its dynamic flexibility and adaptation to the horse during the ride and thirdly in its large area of contact.
These three attributes together form the special Swing principal. This principle is patented. Therefore the many saddle copies offered with the name extension "Vario" could never be the original. Nor can those with the name containing "flex" be so dynamically agile as a real Swing.

The system is simple to describe. Riding shifts the weight of the rider several millimetres, sometimes even centimetres, continually forwards, backwards and sideways. Consequently the saddle, on which the rider is moving to and fro, presses continually in all directions into the horses back. Every side or forward movement restricts the natural harmony of the horses movement simply because synchronisation between horse and rider is not possible.
This is why that between the seat and bars of the Swing there is special elastomer damping elements. These are individually selected for the horses back, the seat size and weight of the rider. These damping elements give the saddle a multi-dimensional freedom of movement. It "Swings" with the natural movement of the horse and rider and counteracts the asynchronous movement of the two.

The area over which the weight of the rider is spread plays an important role. It is a simple physical law: The larger the area the more the point load on the back of the horse is reduced.
A made to measure Swing saddle therefore harmonises perfectly with the movement of the horses back. It distributes the rider's weight over the largest possible area. It does not resist but dynamically absorbs the riders' movement in walk, trot and gallop.

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