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Question: What happens when my horse's back changes through training? Or when my young horse grows up? Do I have to buy a new saddle?

Answer: Thanks to the adjustable and exchangeable elastomer dampers and bars a young horse can be schooled with a perfectly fitting Swing. Later when the horse becomes more strongly muscled the Swing can be easily adapted. In most cases changing the dampers is sufficient. Experience has shown that developing muscles cause little change to the basic form of the horses back. Even when the horse does change significantly, or when you buy another horse, then renewed measurement and new made-to-measure bars give a perfect fit again.
Question: My horse has a terrible swayback and high withers, therefore an extremely difficult saddle area. Can the Swing be fitted?
Answer: Thanks to the "made to measure" system this is not a problem. The Swing System is ideal for all horses even those with extremely difficult saddle areas - from swayback through high and narrow withers to short back. Furthermore, for heavy riders or for trailing with heavy luggage special bars (strengthened "Vario-Skirts") can be individually made. However there are physical limits: Horses with extreme swayback could be ill and should not be ridden. We would refuse to fit a saddle in this case. This is also the true when a very heavy rider wishes a saddle for a horse we consider not capable of carrying their weight.
Question: In what style can I order a Swing?

Answer: The Swing can be delivered in western, ranch or modern leisure saddle style with or without horn and, of course, in classical form. There are numerable variations, for example for the trail or endurance rider over long distances, several days and with lots of luggage. In our Swing-Tree-Vario bars made of special glass-fibre are used, in Swing-Tree-Carbon only carbon-fibre as used in the space industry and racecar construction is employed.
The Swing-Tree-Carbon is optimised in every detail to save weight and consequently a marvel of lightness. Even for the adjustment of the stirrup leathers the most expensive titan rollers are used - we have saved on every possible ounce. Carbon saddles are especially suitable for sensitive horses, for not so "strong-in-the-arm" riders and for those wishing the best possible luxury for their horse.

Question: In which leather can I order a Swing?
Answer: We prefer to use vegetable tanned natural leather. We carefully chose hand-tanned leather from livestock that have been reared in the Alpine lowlands. We do not use cheap, imported industrially tanned leather. The saddle padding is exclusively medicinally tanned sheep wool. All fittings, buckles and screws are manufactured from brass or stainless steel.
Natural leather is initially light in tone. As the weeks and months go by, depending on the light it is exposed to, it takes on a wonderful dark natural patina. The colour depends on the intensity of the natural tanning substance used (for example Castania) and may vary between a red tone, through a strong brown to a deep copper colour.
On request the Swing can be manufactured in a dark colour, for example black or dark brown. We pay attention that the colouring substances used for this leather are natural and not synthetic.
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