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Everything Made to Measure

Every Swing Saddle is individually fitted for the horse and rider and made to measure. With a unique technique using a special gauge developed by us over several years we measure the back of the horse. Parts of this gauge are bars similar to those we later incorporate into the saddle. The shape of the horses back is measured and the optimal form and position fixed with precision screws.

Later, in our saddler workshop, we transfer the measured form to our tools with which we then manufacture the individual saddle bars for your horse.

We form the bars piece for piece using a special glass-fibre in which even the smallest twist and curve of the horses back can be reproduced to the millimetre. The result is a perfect fit. At the same time the glass-fibre is extremely light - much lighter than the wood most saddletrees are made of.

The saddletree itself is also made of glass-fibre. This results in a big saving in weight and consequently respite for your horse. What is very important: Only this millimetre exact reproduction of the form of the horses back ensures an individual fit!
We do not pick a "best-fit" form from a pre-fabricated lot. This would be the same as a shoe salesperson letting you chose the best fitting pair from twelve and then selling them to you as made-to-measureů.

This is exactly what happens often enough. Many so called "made to measure" saddles are selected using this method. We often wonder why a saddle vendor offers such a saddle as "made to measure" when it patently is not.

All the more reason to stay true to our principals: A Swing is exclusively fitted and manufactured "made to measure".


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