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Owner Remarks

The whole stable is thrilled
Elsbeth Eisbrecht with "Ramiro", Baden-Baden

It's astonishing how my horse has improved
Alfred Wiesemann with "Gimmick", Freiburg

Extremely comfortable on long rides
Angela Hamacher with "Viola", Duisdorf

A benefaction for both of us.
Anita Lägele with "Kronstern", Hannover

Everyone is totally happy
Dr. Fritz Abt with "Otelo" und "Aida", Bonn

At last his back is completely healthy
Uschi Siepmann with "Blacky", Heidelberg

Now we are absolutely happy.
Monika Hammerschmidt with "Luna", Siegen

The investment was worth it
Verena Liebig with "La Belle", Künzelsau

Not cheap, but worth every single penny.
Wolfgang Adas with "Winnetou", Dresden

Now she moves wonderfully
Stefanie Becker with "Harmonie", Andernach

Owner for four years. There is nothing better.
Kristin Holler with "Grazie", Kempenich

If only I knew about this earlier.
Elisabeth Petzold with "Sunny", Elsdorf

The best saddle we ever had.
Annie Wegner with "Bergblüte", Hamburg


Even his swayback has significantly improved
Marika Welsh with "Josy", Haan

Nothing better could have happened to him.
Sylvia Reim with "Juvenil", Tübingen

Now he really has "Swing" in his back
Gernot Schwer with "Do It", Badenweiler

The search for the right saddle has ended.
Werner Platzek with "Little Big Joe", Wuppertal

Won everything! Perfect! Thanks!
Elke Haas with "El Sarah", Lahr

Never again something else.
Frank Pleißner with "Muckmack", Koblenz

After various calamities I am now happy.
Helga Bulak with "Josip", Köln

My horse tires much less quickly
Ulli von Löhneysen with "Puschkin", Berlin

Before he occasionally bucked. Now I know why.
Jessica Ullstein with "Laskin", Chemnitz

Simply a very big thank you.
Ulrike Kehr with "Oyster", Gerolsheim

A fan since the first week
Klaus Stephan with "Ulster", Bremen

Fits, suits, really everything perfect!
Steffi Eckert with "Doolittle", Brilon

We both never want anything else.
Rainer Aumiller with "Hexe", Wangen


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