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 Vario Ranch

The Swing Tree in its most popular form - the model "Ranch" with front yoke.

The Swing Tree is available in many custom-made variations - here with large skirts.

A Swing Tree in black leather with classical stirrups? No problem for our custom saddles.

 Vario Western

The Swing Tree in Western style with two-toned seat.

Simple and beautiful - western style in mahogany toned leather.

The real, originally light-toned natural leather - after long use a beautifully shining patina forms.

For riding through thorns - Tapaderos protect the rider's feet.

Hand tooled, with design input from the owner.

Rawhide embellishes the saddle horn.

Or artistically plaited rawhide as a border.

Looks massive but weighs only a few kilograms: The western version with bars made from lightweight carbon-fibre does not load the horse unnecessarily.



The Swing Tree in classical style with kneepads, optionally with classical stirrups.

Or with wide, leather covered stirrups without kneepads.

The classical saddle in dark leather with light sheepskin lining

Or with contrasting two-toned leather as the customer requires.

Kneepads can also look like this.

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